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Sunday School

Family Bible Hour

10:00 AM

Morning Service

11:00 AM

Evening Service

6:00 PM



Prayer & Bible Study

7:00 PM

Master Club

7:00 PM

Wednesday night Master Club is a time the children ages 2–11 look forward to each week. Master Club Ministries is founded on Matthew 23:10 "...for one is your Master, even Christ." Every week children work on Christian character and how to implement this character in their lives. There is also a strong emphasis on Scripture memorization. The teachers, along with their helpers, are dedicated to help training children to serve the the Master.


The children begin with uplifting and fun-filled singing, followed with a time in which the children go to their age appropriate classroom. The youngest go to the "God's Little Lambs." Then there is "God's Little Shepherds" and as they they grow, they will move on to the "Lookouts" and "Spotters." Then to "Scouts," and lastly before they move on to the youth department is the "Juniors."


As the children work their way through the program they have many opportunities to be rewarded badges and awards for different projects. There are opportunities to join in regional competitions with other churches, and many have been awarded a variety of prizes for their projects. 


Part of the evening is also set aside for fun outdoor activites in the summer. Special Master Club Jamborees take place throughout the year and are also a highlight for the children. 


Your children will not want to miss one evening of this exciting program!