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120 Manitoba Road
Winkler, MB R6W 4A6

Phone: (204) 325-5670

Service Times


Sunday School

Family Bible Hour

10:00 AM

Morning Service

11:00 AM

Evening Service

6:00 PM



Prayer & Bible Study

7:00 PM

Master Club

7:00 PM

We believe that Sunday school is for everyone, not just children. For that reason our Sunday school includes everyone from two years to senior saint. The nursery will welcome those children that are under twenty-four months old. 

The seniors' class, age 55 and up, meets in the main auditorium and is taught by mature men of God who teach lessons geared to motivate and help those in the more mature part of life to continue faithfully in their service for the Lord. 



This class includes those couples who have been married for 11 years and are under 55 years of age. The lessons in this class are structured around marriage and the home. In a world where the family and home are under constant attack and with pressures to conform to the world, dads and moms need instruction and encouragement to lead their families in God's way.



For couples who are engaged through the first 10 years of marriage, this class is for you. Instruction in marriage and family issues are dealt with biblically and practically.  

This class is designed to minister to single adults in college, university or those working in the careers of their choice. These young adults are challenged with a Bible message to move forward in their lives and to seek God's perfect will. All single adults attending a school of higher learning, or working for a living, are welcome to attend. 


The Lord has a differenct plan for each person, and His plan is for some to stay single. For single ladies who are more mature, a class tailored to meeting their specific needs is given with biblical principles presented. 



The teenage years are a time in life when many life-altering decisions are made. Each Sunday morning lessons are given to aid teens in making the right decisions for life. Young people need loving mentors who will lead by the Word of God and by example. 


Learning the Bible and that the principles found in the Bible are for everyday living are an imperative part of helping teens today live pure lives now and through their future. 

Children ages 2–11 gather Sunday mornings for a time of singing before they are dismissed to their age appropriate classes for a foundational Bible lesson. The children are encouraged to memorize weekly Bible verses and a good overview of the Bible is presented.